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A Sport for all - a Sport for Life

The skills of the Sword were invented by Man through the necessity to stay alive - self-preservation is the name of the game !
Sword fighting has been practised in all parts of the world for thousands of years. Men, and sometimes Women, fought battles with many different types of swords, training seriously for combat to the death.Later on when wars were fought mainly with firearms and duels were forbidden by law, Sport Fencing remained popular.

There are three types of fencing practised today, each named after the type of sword used: Foil, Epee, & Sabre

The Foil developed from the light French court sword, worn not just as part of a gentlemans dress, but to defend himself against attack from street thieves and cut-throats. It was also the practise weapon of the 17th century.

The Epee evolved from the 16th century rapier used by the French Musketeers and the weapon most favoured for duelling.

The Sabre is a light slender flexible weapon that derives from the slashing cavalry sword of the 18th century Hungarian Hussars.

Today Men and Women fence with all three weapons and compete individually or in teams. Each weapon requires slight variations in style, technique and rules as the target area is different for each weapon.

All Fencers wear protective clothing: A fencing jacket, wire mesh mask and a leather glove are worn by fencers at all times in combat, with the additions of breeches, strong socks and under-arm protectors in competition.

Fencing is a mixture of mental and physical activity. The perfect way to use controlled aggression and get that zip of adrenalin. You learn the skills of the swordsman and become as fit as any modern athlete. Fencing can also help with stress caused at work or by life in general, by channelling the stress into controlled aggressive activity and using the mental and emotional stimulation of combat to relieve frustration and anger.

This is a sport that everyone from 8 to 88 can enjoy - Men or Women, Child or adult. It is the sport that gives you the thrill of combat without the fear of death.